Updates, Adoption Fee, Deposit, Questionnaire, Recommendations on Owning a Bernedoodle, Sample Contract, and Waiting List

6-22-2021 Rose Bud gained just over a pound starting her 3rd trimester. I would have hoped for a little more - we will see next Tuesday. An x-ray is planned for July 7th and her due date would be July 11.
6-29-21 Rose Bud did not gain any more weight the past week - this is dissapointing. The pregnancy will be determined by the x-ray or more appreciable weight next Tuesday.
7-7-2021 The x-ray this morning shows that Rose Bud is not pregnant. This is very dissapointing news. So much time (and funds) go into getting pregnant and I/we are extremely dissapointed. Rose Bud's breeding and the two before that were by the sires owners on site in Ellensburg and Camas, Washington. Their process is different than the repro vet I've used (so many times before) who is Dr. Cindy Smith's from the Reproductive clinic in Lakewood. For the future, I won't have another breeding without her support. I've spoken to the sire owners and they will make their studs available for Dr. Smith. Both Bear (Geddy Bear) and Chewy should come into season anyday. I am so sorry that this would make you wait a little longer but given this news, if you would like a refund of your deposit, I am willing to provide that. If so, please let me know by August 1. I will update the waiting list as I hear from anyone dropping off. Again, we are very sorry.
7-10-2021 Bear came into seson today. She will be bred several times around the 20th of this month by Rerpo Vet Dr. Cindy Smith. Chewy should come into season any day.
7-21-2021 Bear has been bred 3 times so far. Chewy came into season yesterday 7-20. She will go in for a pregnancy evaluation next week. More to follow....

Adoption Fee:
Tri-colored and sables are $4,300; black and white, black and brown (Bi-colored) $3,300, and for those that mainly black with a touch of white are $2,300. A $500 non-refundable deposit along with the questionnaire below, lines up owners to make their pick of a puppy at 7 weeks with the final payment due upon pick-up at 8 weeks. Owners can start viewing the pups at 4 weeks and weekly thereafter (on Saturdays 9am-3pm) until they go home. During covid masks are required and only two from a family may come. Your shoes will be off before you pass the gate so slip-on's are advided. I am working on getting booties past there for you to put on.... tbd...

Questionnaire, Sample Contract, Recommendations on owning a Bernedoodle:
To fill out a questionnaire - pdf version or questionnaire - word version for owning a puppy, click on one of the links provided.

You should also review the contract, that the questionnaire references. It is intended to protect both parties and is signed off on upon pick-up of the puppy.

To view recommendations about owning a Bernedoodle choose the link provided.

Time Frame:
Typically there are 6-10 puppies in a litter. The families shown below will be choosing based on the date of their deposit. Once a deposit is placed, the owner has the option of the current litter, or to wait for a future litter. If identified, their preference of sex and coloring is shown. In the event a breeding is not successful, the top 8 owners will be offered a refund.

Waiting List for Future Breedings:

  Kelly and Eric - Female - Tri 3/7/2020 (4/13/21 roll over)
  Liz and Tim - Either - Tri - 6/15/2020 (4/13/21 roll over)
  Barbara - Female - Tri - 6/25/2020
  Devrah - Female - Tri/Bi - 7/2/2020 3:22 pm (4/13/21 roll over)
  Ben and Megan - Either - Tri - 7/6/2020 (4/14/21 roll over)
  Kevin and Zoe - Either - Tri - 7/15/2020
  Jodi and Madisyn - Female - Tri/Sable - 8/5/2020
  Lynn and Kyle - Either - Any - 8/8/2020
  Jeff and Soledad - Either - Any - 8/8/2020
  Susan - Either - Any - 10/14/2020
  Tabitha and Dan - Either - Tri - 11/14/2020
  Barbara - Female - Tri - 11/21/2020
  Carina del and David - Female - Tri/Either - 12/26/2020
  Amy - Either - Any - 1/13/2021
  Margaret and Richard - Either - Bi - 2/11/2021
  Brenda and Stew - Either - Any - 3/1/2021
  Denali, Mary and David - Female - Any - 4-29-2021
  Sandy and Jim - Female - Tri - 5-15-2021
  Kathey - Either - Any - 5-19-2021

At the point a breeding is done, puppies would go home 4 months later. In the event litters are larger than anticipated, those lower on the list will be contacted to determine their interest. If someone does rollover, they will be placed on the list numerically, based on the deposit date. If anyone can think of something more fair, please advise.