Questionnaire, Contract, Pricing, Deposit and Prospective Owners

If you are serious about adopting a puppy fill out the questionnaire on this page and follow the instructions it includes. This will get you on my list for this or a future breeding (depending on the number of puppies and the choices of those currently on the list).

Bernedoodles are priced at $3,000 for tri-colored Bernedoodles, $2,400 for Brindles and bi-colored Bernedoodles and $1,800 for Bernedoodles of mainly one color. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit lines up potential owners to make their pick of a puppy at 7 weeks although the puppies would not go to their new homes until they are 8 weeks. Once a deposit is placed, the buyer has the option of the current litter, or to wait for the next litter. If there are enough puppies available and the buyer does not choose a puppy from either litter, their deposit is forfeited. In the event a breeding is not successful from either the first or the second litter, the buyers deposit will be refunded. A reasonable number of deposits for an expectant breeding will be maintained.

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To fill out a questionnaire - pdf version or questionnaire - word version for owning a puppy, click on the link shown.

You should also review the contract , that the questionnaire references. It is intended to protect both parties and is signed off on upon pick-up of the puppy.

To view recommendations about owning a Bernedoodle choose the link provided.

Bernedoodle List for breeding in Summer of 2018

Seven to ten (or more) puppies are expected in each litter and after our pick or placement, these families will be choosing and their preference of sex and coloring (if indicated):
1. Gary & Terry - Either - Tri or Black and White
2. Jack & Qun - Female - Tri
3. Scott - Prefer female - Tri
4. Eugene - Female - Tri
5. Kathy & Ron - Female - Tri or Bi
6. Evan & Jessica - Either - Tri or Bi
7. Paula (May wait for following litter) - Either - Open
8. Eric & Brianne - Either - Any coloring
9. Melissa & Kevin - Tri or Black & White

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