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Puppies Available in Fall of 2024

I bred Bernese Mountain Dogs for years and now F1 Bernedoodles. Their size will be between 30-55# depending on their sex and the sire used. Most of the time, the sire is a miniature and mainly I breed for tri-colored puppies but also for bi-colors and sables. The breeding procedure is via artificial insemination or transcervical insemination with shipped semen since the stud and mom "don't fit" for a natural breeding. I added the doodles because of the hypoallergenic nature and intelligence of the poodle and the amazing temperament and striking looks of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Below is a picture of the 2024 Reunion on June 1. Click on it to increase the size in a new window.

2024 Reunion

Below are puppies from the January/February litters... Beautiful!

Born Feb 2, 2024 Born 1-29-2024 Born 2-6-2024

These are more pictures of the 2024 January/February litters.

The 2024 renuion was on Saturday, June 1 at 3 pm. Past reunions are shown below. (Mickey and Kim owners of two of my bernedoodles from seperate litters) captured an intersting video when I gave the litters "my call".

Reunion 2022 Reunion 2022 August 12, 2021

Below are some past litter photos and more are on the Puppies/Parents link.

The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons

Chewy's 2023 litter.....

Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222

The "Nuts" litter by Bear Cub are shown below. The final picture is first followed by a few pictures as they grew.

Born Sept 23, 2021

This cracked me up...There is a series of 3 photos that I put in a loop. Notice the basket getting further away from the wall then a puppy coming up the back bumps her off.

Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222

October 13, 2021 Born Sept 23, 2021 Born Sept 23, 2021

"Chocolate" litter from December. Two shown at 3 weeks and the group at 8 weeks:

Born Dec 7, 2020 Born Dec 7, 2020 Born Dec 7, 2020

"Huey, Dewy, and Louie" litter who went home in early 2019:

Born September 7, 2020 Born September 7, 2020 Born September 7, 2020

The "One Named Singers" litter that went home in 2020:

Born January 28, 2020 Born January 28, 2020 Born January 28, 2020

The "Best Friends" litter went home in 2019 - from newborns to 8 weeks:

Born October 4, 2019 Born October 4, 2019

Rose Buds "Family" litter that went home in October 2018:

Pretty 2 2018 Litter Pretty 3

The "12's" (S E A H A W K S) litter went home in 2020. Shown below in order of birth. Doug, PJ (Paul and Jody), Russell, Schneider, Bobby, Tyler, and Pete:

Doug Born May 24, 2019 PJ Born May 24, 2019
Russell Born May 24, 2019 Schneider Born May 24, 2019 Bobby Born May 24, 2019
Tyler Born May 24, 2019 Pete Born May 25, 2019