A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. The F1 is currently the most common and known as the "hybrid vigor". When you cross two different breeds, they tend to have better health because of the variation in lines/breeds that are prone to different genetic diseases. A Bernedoodle is fun, athletic, entertaining, loyal, friendly, great with children and other animals, loving and extremely smart!

Sizes and coloring vary, based on the sire. Full grown females will be between 35-55# and males 45-75# - it all depends on the sire. Mainly I breed for tri colors (like the Bernese), but sometimes there are sables, black and brown, or black and whites. I choose the appropriate male for those highest on the list shown on the Adopting/Updates page. I endeavor to be transparent.

Their coat should be hypo-allergenic and will be wavy and fluffy. As an example of coloring and coats, samples are shown below. Click on any pups pics for a bigger image and explanination of their coloring. The brown of the sables get lighter as they age and if you go to the Owners Page, you will see some as a puppy and how they changed as an adult. I think they are stunning!

Black Balck and White
Tri Sable
Brown and Black