Updates, Adoption Fee, Deposit, Questionnaire, Recommendations on Owning a Bernedoodle, Sample Contract, and Waiting List

5-18-23 Chewy has been bred twice and will be bred 1 or 2 more times. Considering all continues to go well, the puppies would be born about the 3rd week of July. Abbie and Liberty will be bred in June.

Prior to a family making their choice, they may start viewing the pups at 4 weeks and weekly thereafter on Saturdays (a 45 minute window between 9am- 3pm) until they go home. Families are also welcome to meet me, see where the pups will be raised and ask questions in person. I am in Burien about 6 minutes away from the airport.

Adoption Fee:
Tri-colored and sables are $4,300; black and white or black and brown (Bi-colored) are $3,300, and for those that mainly black with a touch of white are $2,300. A $500 non-refundable deposit along with the questionnaire below, lines up families to make their pick of a puppy at 7 weeks with the final payment due upon pick-up at 8 weeks.

Questionnaire, Sample Contract, Recommendations on owning a Bernedoodle:
To fill out a questionnaire - (Word version) for owning a puppy, click on one of the links provided.

To review the contract, that the questionnaire references. It is intended to protect both parties and is signed off on upon pick-up of the puppy.

To view recommendations about owning a Bernedoodle choose the link provided.

Time Frame:
Typically there are 5-10 puppies in a litter. The families shown below will be choosing or choose based on the date of their deposit. Once a deposit is placed, the owner has the option of the current litter, or to wait for a future litter. If identified, their preference of sex, size and coloring is shown - This gives others knowledge of who they may be leaning towards and helps me choose the appropriate sire for those highest on the list.

List for Future Breedings: - (to the right is desired sex, coloring and size {which may change})
  Sherry and Conor - Male - Tri - #65-75 Offered a pup from Dec 19 litter but want to wait for summer 2023.
  Sofia and Amir - Either - Tri/Sable - #45+ 1-2-2023 They were higher on list and I offered a pup but they wanted to go to the bottom.
  Ellie and Gryska - Male - Tri/Merle - #65-75
  Mark and family - Either - Any - #45-55
  Michael and Kathryn - Either - Any - #45-65

Managing the List:
In the event litters are larger than anticipated, or if a family needs to roll over, those lower on the list will be contacted to determine their interest. If someone does rollover, they will be placed on the list numerically, based on the date of their deposit or desire. If anyone can think of something more fair, please advise.
Below are some pictures of 2 of the 3 litters in 2022. One litter were more tri colored and the other had more phantoms. More puppy litter pictures are on the Puppies/Parents page.

Born Sept 23, 2021 Born Sept 23, 2021 Born Sept 23, 2021
Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222
Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222 Born April 18, 20222